STARTAP is a modular Starview Optical Tap that allows customers to create duplicate links on the optical fiber for monitoring purposes. STARTAP can be configured according to customer’s split ratio, fiber optic types (SM/ MM) and connectors. The key advantage is it’s modular design where customers can install a 1U rack capable of inserting up to 6 STARTAP modules. The modules are front accessible with connectors and locking screws. The module can be inserted and removed from the front, and can be modified in later stage for different splitter applications. The design also allows 2 STARTAP to be placed back to back if the cabinet is both front and back access. The STARTAP has been designed specifically with the customer’s application, space constraint and accessibility in mind.
Business Challenges

  • • Meet requirements for CALEA, create CDRs for billing, and provide service quality information to customers
  • • Proliferation of monitoring tools, with many tools needing access to the same network traffic.
  • • At ODF, there is only one monitoring port per link.
  • • ODF does not monitor the links’ status at the monitoring ports. Operational team does not have visibility of the monitoring port link status should there be any failure.Link failure not make known instantaneously to the team.



  • • Amplify and re-construct of weak signal.
  • • Division of signal to cater for simultaneous access of multiple applications.
  • • Remote access and configuration.
  • • Remote monitoring of link status
  • • Option of Replicator/Selector