Smart Cleaners

LC Sticker Cleaner






For Cleaning SFP Transceivers
with Adhesive Technology

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• Designed to clean fiber stub inside SFP transceiver port
• Adhesive technology leaves no scratches or residue on fiber stub surface
• Anti-static materials to protect transceivers from ESD
• Can be used for the other LC connector compliant transceivers

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The absorption element accesses to fiber
stub inside SFP transceiver port and removes
dust and residue which cannot be
cleaned by wipe type cleaners.

MPO Cleaners




For Cleaning the Entire MPO

Endface Pin to Pin

Effective for removing oil, dust, and dirt particulates that can have a negative
impact on fiber optic performance.



• Cleans entire MPO Endface including PIN area’s
• No solvent needed
• Cleans Oil, Dust and Dirt Particulates
• Easy to use, PUSH on, and release to clean

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Step 1:
Sticker cleaner contains 10 “Stick”
cleaning area

Step 2:
PUSH MT Ferrule against the stick
surface for cleaner

Step 3:
Remove the MT Ferrule, dirt and oil
will be transferred from the ferrule
to the cleaner


Fiber Optical Connector Cleaners


The Smart Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designedto clean single fiber connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate
or bulkhead. The Smart Cleaners are simple to use and highly effective at removing oil and dust contaminants that can negatively
impact optical performance.
In response to the special cleaning needs of multi-fiber optical connectors, We are introducing a new cleaner for MPO optical
connectors. By further expanding its lineup of optical connector cleaners, We are able to respond to an even wider range of
its customers needs.

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SC/LC Connector Cleaners
Replaceable Cartridge Type

Compatible: LC SC
Connectors: PC and APC PC and APC


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MPO Connector Cleaner
Increase Equipment Reliability


Cleanings: 600 times + CLEANINGS
Compatible: MPO Connectors, MTP
Connectors: Connectors® Plug and Port



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