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Available with 8 x 50G and 4 x 100G options

400G QSFP56-DD

Available with 8 x 50G and 4 x 100G options


Available with 8 x 25Gbps transmission


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Video Demonstration


In this video demonstration, you will see how easy it is to program a Starview SFP/SFP+/XFP module. With the use of STARPOD (Programmable Optical Devices), you can simply download the firmware of the equipment vendor into the transceiver module via the internet. After programming, the transceiver module will be able to work the vendor equipment.

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Download all Starview product drivers, manuals, and datasheet and get all the support you need on ALL Starview products. If you have questions on what you should download, Please email to our Technical Support.

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Terms & Conditions

Starview and Customer agree that the following terms and conditions apply to the Service Programs purchased hereunder.Starview objects to and rejects additional or different provisions that may appear in any document furnished by CUSTOMER unless such provision is expressly agreed to in writing by STARVIEW

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Starview Tech Support & Customer Service access you to open troubleshooting tickets, Via any of these 3 method.


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Transceiver Selection

Basic key considerations when selecting a Transceiver are as followings:

  • • Protocol/data rate of application
  • • Transceiver Form Factor: SFP, SFP+,XFP, GBIC, CFP and etc.
  • • Optical transmission distance/ Optical budget required for the link
  • • Type of fiber used:
  • • Singlemode /Multimode
  • • Dual Fiber/Single Fiber
  • • Optical transmitting wavelength (mainly for C/DWDM)
  • • Operating environment and condition (normal temp or high temp)
  • • Type and model no of equipment to be used (for coding purpose)

Note: All Starview Transceiver Modules are shipped with DDM features

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