What makes Starview International Transceiver modules popular

Starview International transceiver modules have been used widely with many customers particularly Service Providers and enterprises for their networking equipment. Not only do they save cost and improve their lead time for delivery, they enjoyed many other advantages that makes Starview International differs from the rest.

The feedback from the customers have been overwhelmed with remarks such as

  • Quality product from Singapore
  • Reliable as the transceiver modules have gone through thorough Quality Check before delivery, and have been in many large scale critical networks deployment
  • It is cost effective comparing to the original equipment vendor
  • Lead time is very fast too
  • Supports many vendor equipment with even a certificate of compatibility and money back guarantee if the module does not work
  • All information can be downloaded from the Starview internet webpage including datasheets, manual, frequent ask questions and even trouble ticketing to generate a trouble ticket
  • The engineers are 24x7 and can provide many technical advice responsively
  • There are many variants of transceiver modules to select from the list to accommodate for various transmission application
  • Field programmable optical device allowing the Starview transceiver modules to work with any network equipment manufacturers

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